Daily Meditation for May 25, 2021

During the depression when Jan was about seven years old, she innocently said, “Mom, we never were very rich, were we?”  Her mom nearly fell off her chair as she blurted out: Very rich?” When Jan shared this memory with her two granddaughters, Jeralyn asked, “Well, were you?” After a moment or so, Jan replied, “Now that I think of it, we were very rich. Grandma was able to make us nice coats out of old ones from friends; we loved digging worms and going fishing with Grandpa when he came home from work. For our birthdays, we’d always have a special cake decorated with colored gum drops. We never got bored because the whole neighborhood was good at making up fun things to do.” Before Jan could say more, Jeralyn. shaking her head in wonder, said, “And I always thought you had to have money to be rich.”

By Lois Wedl, OSB