Daily Meditation for May 24, 2021

Take time to be kind. A true story of an act of kindness: While playing along a riverbank with his friend, a seven-year-old boy fell into the river and was immediately pulled away by the strong current. The boy’s friend ran to the street screaming for help. At that very moment, a young man was driving by on his way home to have lunch with his parents. Seeing the drowning boy in the river, the man threw off his shoes and suit jacket, jumped into the river, and swam against the current to rescue the little boy. Later, in the emergency room of the local hospital, the little boy told the doctor that while he was in the river, an angel appeared at his side, lifted him out of the water, and carried him to the shore; a selfless act of kindness. It’s never too late to be a kind angel to someone in need.

By Lois Wedl, OSB