Daily Meditation for May 19, 2021

An oriole in its fresh spring finery landed in a nearby tree. The glint of radiant sunshine on his breast and his princely stance opened a window to reveal a glimpse of God’s beauty, delight and care. This event is what the Irish people call a “thin place.” God breaks into our usual, everyday lives and catches our attention, stirs possibilities of new perceptions and choices, and moves us to action. Although God is everywhere, there are times and places where this world and the realm of the Spirit come together. These experiences can be of joy, humor, disappointment, physical and emotional pain, yearning, vulnerability and compassion. In such instances, we are more open than usual to touch and be touched by God. Our hearts can be moved to deeper peace, patience, gratitude, actions of service. Where will you discover thin places today? They welcome you.

By Mary Reuter, OSB