Daily Meditation for May 17, 2021

Happily, it appears that we’ve made a renewed commitment to address our global climate crisis. There is strong hope that we can heal our earth and save its precious resources. Science demonstrates that changing human behaviors is key to the planet’s survival. Less obvious, but equally important, is the need to examine our personal attitudes and beliefs that may reveal some critical, internal “climate changes” we each need to make. Is my desire for more and more power and wealth like wildfires consuming forests, leaving nothing for those who come behind in poverty? Does my desire to be superior and all-important cause me to render invisible people who are already starving or unable to breathe? If each of us tends to the health of our “internal climate” with courage and care, we can help restore our global climate to health. Indeed, as the psalmist writes: We will help to “renew the face of the earth.” (Ps 104:30)

By Christian Morris, OSB