I had settled down in the comfortable recliner in the hermitage to read my prayer reflection book, or so I thought. God had other plans for me during the next few minutes. From where I sat, the sun was shining brightly through a window making it nearly impossible to read because of the reflection it created. So, I closed the book as I began paying attention to what the sun may be teaching me at that moment.

The sun was sending me warmth. I was reflecting on the warmth of the sun as the Son of God was gifting me with warmth and love in my heart. I prayed in gratitude for all the gifts the Son has given me: gifts of family, friends, community, along with love, faith, and life itself. The sun caused me to pause as the Son spoke to me; I had no need to read that bright morning. As the sun moved on, I opened my hands to fully receive the blessing that was being offered to me. I was reminded that I am never alone when I am open to God ‘s love.

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Lisa Rose, OSB

Photo: The sun emerging over the mountains, taken by Sister Tamra Thomas