Daily Meditation for April 30, 2021

We saw some spectacular full moon displays in recent months! That full, clear light often lingered for more that one night! The moon has long been mysterious to us. How can a celestial body which does not of itself produce light be such a bright companion through otherwise long, dark nights? Perhaps the moon knows of the thousands of essential and night workers who faithfully keep watch at the hospital, the bedside, the convenience store, the fire and police station, the emergency call board and all those who change their shifts, stay longer, and try one more phone number as they vigil with us. Only the watchful moon knows how many anonymous, overextended, exhausted and generous people there are, who are kind enough to stay on through the night. Let the moon reflect our gratitude for the bright light of kindness which yet shines faithfully. For the man (woman) in the moon sees and is most eager to reflect that kindness…And is proud of you!

By Judy Kramer, OSB