Daily Meditation for April 26, 2021

Things seem to be turning around. The grip of the COVID virus is loosening its hold on us. The season that has been so long and dark is giving way to something fresh and new. “Arise my Beloved, for now the winter is past…the flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing has come…” Though the biblical writer of the Song of Solomon wrote this centuries ago, it’s as if it is written for this moment, for us. We’ve learned many hard but valuable lessons over this long year. Small things, like visiting with family or helping a neighbor, have new meanings for us. Another writer, Luis Cavazos, describes it this way: “In life, we need to go through a naked tree season in order to turn nothingness into meaning.” Springtime is upon us. Perhaps more than any other year, this season holds new meaning for us.

By Christian Morris, OSB