Daily Meditation for April 22, 2021

Our names have such value and meaning! How different it feels when someone addresses us by name or when we greet someone by her/his name: “Well, good morning, Jenny.” “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it, George?” In naming another, we can awaken in that person a conscious sense of identity. After all, a specific identifying name was given by parents who wanted to be ready to call us out of our mother’s womb and into the light of a given day, a name they would speak lovingly to us and over us as they loved us into recognition of who we are when addressed as Jenny, as George. Calling someone by name results in a heart connection not present in simply saying, “Good morning.” Try it today and see if you agree. There’s something about a name! Being called by name is like “the fragrance after the rain.”

By Renée Domeier, OSB