Daily Meditation for April 20, 2021

The sunny beautiful day seemed to call one to spend some time driving through the country. Enjoying the lush greens and flowers along the roadside brought a sense of gratitude and peace. Moving along, it became obvious that there was a stalled vehicle on the shoulder of the road. The stranded person may need some assistance. Walking to the car, a question kept surfacing: “Is this a call for help. Is this an invitation to respond as the Good Samaritan did? It would be easy to make excuses. There are errands to run, a need to stop at the gas station and maybe stop for coffee with a friend. There is a choice to be made! How will one respond the next time God visits us in a person or event that calls one to put another’s need before ones own? There is a choice to be made!”

By Michon Lanners, OSB