Jubilee Celebrations

On Saturday, April 17, our 25th, 60th and 75th jubilarians celebrated jubilees, an anniversary milestone in the monastic tradition. Sisters who were 60th and 75th jubilarians last year celebrated with this year’s jubilee class because they were unable to celebrate last year due to COVID-19. The service was recorded and is available for viewing on our liturgy page. Once on the page, scroll down to the Community Celebrations section.

Help us celebrate and congratulate the following sisters for 25, 60, 61, 75 and 76 years as a Benedictine! Not all jubilarians were able to be present for the celebration.

25th Jubilee
Patricia Kennedy, OSB

60th Jubilee

Anita O’Keefe, OSB
Carleen Schomer, OSB
Delores Dufner, OSB
JoAnne Backes, OSB
Josue Behnen, OSB
Margaret Maus, OSB
Marlene Schwinghammer, OSB
Mary Schumer, OSB
Moira Wild, OSB
Renee Rau, OSB

Sister Flora Sanchez, a visiting sister from the Puerto Rico community, also celebrated her 60th jubilee with our sisters.

61st Jubilee
Hilda Keller, OSB
Galen Martini, OSB
Jean Kroeger, OSB
Joyce Willenbring, OSB
Julie Schleper, OSB
Rose Mary Kuklok, OSB
Stephana Choong, OSB

75th Jubilee
Mary Jane Cournoyer, OSB

76th Jubilee
Angelo Haspert, OSB