Daily Meditation for April 16, 2021

For some of us, Lent may have flown by, while for others it may have dragged. Doubtless the latter is due in large measure to our prolonged siege of social distancing, a cutting off of direct contact with beloved family members, relatives and friends. Social distancing is now linked indelibly to COVID-19, but in some cases it is a choice, not a necessity. Perhaps we distance ourselves from those we see as too different from us—for example in religion or politics. Distinctions of class, race and ideology also cause distancing. Before and during his journey to Calvary, Jesus never practiced social distancing—He welcomed all. His words and actions professed an all-encompassing love. And love can defeat social distancing. It has hands to help the needy and ears to hear the sighs of the lonely and weary. Our love can cover any distance.

By Carol Berg, OSB