Daily Meditation for April 13, 2021

Dolores was 89 years old and wanted to see her grandchildren married. The doctor said it was a simple surgery that could give her another 5-7 years of life with more energy. She was eager for this possibility but after one week, things did not go well, and she died after another week. All the children, grand and great-grandchildren were at the funeral, and they sang the songs she loved. She loved the Gospel of the Lilies of the Field, and it was a celebration that she could be proud of. Each donned a face mask—purple, her favorite color. And then it was Holy Week and then Easter. It is the Christian belief that after death comes new life, a different life, as different as the butterfly from the larva. This is what her family believes and puts their hopes on. This Easter season comes to assure each of them and us that after this life comes a new kind of life.

By Josue Behnen, OSB