Deer in the Woods

The sound of movement hidden in the trees just a short distance away caught my attention. I paused to see two deer standing among the trees. I was frozen in my steps, not wanting the deer to depart too quickly. Their beauty was captivating, touching my heart. The three of us simply stared at one another for a few moments; I felt like I was one with them, then they walked quietly away. I thought that was the end of my sighting deer that day. Continuing my walk through the monastery woods, I turned left, stopping once again upon hearing movement. Now there were three deer crossing the path ahead of me. Again, frozen in my steps, I watched as they walked in unison following one another slowly and carefully along their chosen path. They were not in a hurry. Because I was walking alone, I was not in a hurry. I wanted to savor this magic moment, not letting it pass too quickly. I started to wonder how often I hurry through the day, along the path of my life, not taking enough time to see the beauty God blesses me with each day. I realized how important it is to slow down every day taking notice of God’s encounters in my life.

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Lisa Rose, OSB

Photo: A deer walking through the winter woods, taken by Sister Nancy Bauer