Daily Meditation for April 7, 2021

In Minnesota, carrots are a common and an often-enjoyed vegetable. Planting season is almost here, and loads of carrot seeds will soon be sown. The gardener watches for the first signs of leafy green sprouts and knows (or hopes) that all is well. She waits for growth and knows that roots are quietly reaching deeper into the dark soil. With enough water and plenty of weeding, after 50 to 70 days, they say, the lovely orange treasures are ready to harvest. Each the same, but each one different. People are sort of like carrots. We’re the same, but we’re different. Like carrots, there are those wonderful seasons when we grow. Sometimes, the in-between seasons seem long. But at just the right time, signs of something new appear. With enough water and weeding, our roots grow deep, and we become a unique person—a treasure for others to enjoy. Three cheers for carrots!

By Christian Morris, OSB