Daily Meditation for April 6, 2021

Most of us could compile a substantial list of the things we dislike about life during the pandemic. But this strange year may also have given us things to love. They may be familiar people or experiences or new ones we hadn’t noticed before and now want to hang on to. Try finishing the line, “I didn’t know I loved…” and see where it takes you. You might say, for instance, “I didn’t know how much I loved smiles until masks covered all but our eyes. Now I’m eager for the day when smiles, those flags of joy and kindness, unfurl again on the faces of strangers and friends.” Or maybe, “I didn’t know I loved the chickadees’ morning song, until I heard it in the first silent days of the pandemic, when we were staying home and traffic was hushed.” Our loves can’t erase the losses and heartaches of this or any other hard time, but they can offer the blessed gifts of beauty and hope.

By Mara Faulkner, OSB