Daily Meditation for April 1, 2021

The chirp of the first robin, a flock of geese flying overhead, chipmunks scurrying afoot, the emergence of the first tulip, a colorful crocus, ice breaking up on the lake. All these and other signs are hopeful harbingers of spring. After months of enclosure and slowed-down winter activities, compounded by COVID-19 restrictions, one’s spirits cannot but be lifted by these promising signs of better days ahead. Spring has its way to turn around, what may have been the winter doldrums, into forward looks and hopes for better days. Let the greening of people’s spirits spread the cheery call of nature for a new hope in the upcoming summer. May it be a summer that results in reestablishing normalcy in our contacts and relationships with the wider world, as we continue to recover from this winter of isolation. How fitting to recall a song from earlier school days: Welcome Sweet Springtime.

By Philip Zimmer, OSB