Prayer in Troubled Times: From Darkness to Easter Light

How might we understand the pandemic in light of the meaning of Lent and Easter? How might Lent and Easter take on new meaning this year as a result of the pandemic? You are invited to join us for an online worship service that includes spoken and sung prayers, scripture, poetry, and intercessions.

Year after year, we Christians sing the glorious Easter hymns about life triumphing over death: Jesus rose from the grave, and we will rise to new life as he did. But Easter is not only about life after our one-time physical death. The Good News of Jesus’ resurrection is that love wins out over hatred and evil even in this present life. New life is born out of our negative experiences, out of the disappointments and pains of daily life. If we assimilate the meaning of Easter, how might we experience new life even in the midst of COVID?

This worship service will premiere on our YouTube channel at 7 p.m. on Sunday, April 11.