Daily Meditation for March 31, 2021

I spied it again yesterday in mid-afternoon…An opossum on the lawn! They say, “Not supposed to be here in Minnesota, it’s a southern state critter.” Or “Couldn’t be out during the day, they are nocturnal creatures.” So, my question: “Whyzit here?” I saw it. Did you ever happen into a place or a group where you could feel that you were not supposed to be there? The “theys” gave you a strong message that you weren’t supposed to be there? Our self-respect and self-image tells us to leave when we’ve made such a mistake. The current emphasis on inclusion and equalizing opportunity for all cultures, religions, genders, colors, notions of the sacred…maybe we NEED to stay strong and remain even where we are told we don’t belong. Our world grows smaller, and we need to learn from each other. The many peoples and nations that live right next door enrich our world and each of us.

By Judy Kramer, OSB