Spring is Almost Here!

SPRING is almost here; seed catalogues are arriving; gardeners are talking about preparing the earth! Mother Earth, gardeners and seeds know what it is to wait, restlessly, for growth: the darkness of being planted, the struggle toward the light, the pain of growing into the light!

But also, the inevitability of bursting forth and bearing fruit, of becoming food for someone—the joy and love of being relished by someone. Plants left in the garden also begin to be patient with scattering its seeds, knowing the decay of the seasons and then the mystery of death and the miracle of birth again.

Jesus, YOU are the seed that has fallen into our earth and lived. In you, we see God’s irrepressible life. You call us to plant our gifts in one another’s lives with the hope of generous blooming. No wonder spring is so meaningful as we look toward Easter. Thank you.

Renée Domeier, OSB

Photo: Sprouting buds on an apple tree, taken by Sister Karen Rose