Daily Meditation for March 5, 2021

Each season of the year holds so much splendor and exciting activities. Now we are deep into the wonders that winter holds. Snow-covered lawns and fields offer a sense of being covered in quiet and giving a new look to the other green seasons. And, oh, the thrills of snowmobiling, snow shoeing, sledding, skiing are but a few of the excitement snow provides. The cold temperatures allow for ice skating, ice fishing, and fish houses. Bundling up in heavy coats, scarves, and mittens bring forth the warmth within us. Fireplaces and hot chocolate are a welcome partner to the cold. The empty trees and bushes are a stark statement that vibrant life lies deep within, though the outer appearance is so barren. Isn’t it great to fill our spirits with the wonder that winter provides? Let’s enjoy fully the riches in store for us in these final weeks of winter.

By Marlene Meierhofer, OSB