The Bridge

I knew the little wooden bridge was there in the monastery woods. In the spring, the path, which is lower at that spot, is usually muddy and wet. A few years ago, an eagle scout designed and built the bridge as his final project. I had not walked across the bridge in several years. As I rounded the turn, along the path, there it was right in front of me. Covered in the recent snowfall, there were many footprints on the bridge, telling me it is a path walked frequently by sisters, guests, and students. I paused before I took my first step, wondering to myself what other physical bridges in my life I have crossed over simply to get to the other side. A bridge, in my opinion, connects two landing points, making them one. I thought about how prayer becomes a bridge for me as I connect to God and God connects to me every day. As I walk across the bridge, I am remembering the bridges that have connected my life. As I walk from one transition to another, I know that God is the connection. God is the sturdy bridge that I step upon everyday as I walk along the journey of my life.

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Lisa Rose, OSB