Lenten Twist

Just as I’ve often wondered why the presider never says, “Raise up your heads in prayer,” I also wonder why we must always deny ourselves during Lent?

More specifically, I wonder if my Lenten resolution might be to do a special thing each week for someone, instead of denying myself ice cream on Sunday??

For Week One, I could make cookies for all the children at the Children’s Home and deliver them for a special treat.

How about making bookmarks for everyone in my reading group? It would be a lovely surprise for them while I would be doing a good deed for at least five people. I could even be saying special prayers for each person while I stitch the message for each of my book club readers.

How about volunteering at Anna Maria’s and doing whatever they need for a certain number of hours on a Saturday? I would be giving up some of my precious time in order to help someone who needs it more than I.

So, then the question to consider would be: Is denying myself more of a sacrifice than giving my time (which might also be thought of as denial)? A marvelous dilemma to ponder!

Mary Jane Berger, OSB

Photo: Sister Nina Lasceski takes part in a making a blanket that was donated to Quiet Oaks Hospice House, taken by Sister Karen Rose