Daily Meditation February 23, 2021

A new fashion trend is trying to help us out these days! Did you see it on Inauguration Day? As a nation we are trying to heal, to be honest, to have truth and respect to guide us. More than ever we must disagree respectfully. Can we disagree without being murderously disagreeable? We must stretch to be able to respect the opinions of others. This is difficult, but it must be done if we are ever to be the colorful patchwork quilt society that we claim our democracy to be. Each tiny piece is important, the color, the shape, the language, the ethnicity and the safety and equality of all must be honored or we will never heal! The fashion trend? The color PURPLE! Not red, not blue, but a harmonious and magical blend! We saw purple gloves, dresses, coats, kerchiefs, and accessories…Can we join one another in the “purple parade”? 

By Judy Kramer, OSB