Daily Meditation for February 17, 2021

Some years ago, according to Fr. Ed Hayes, in his book A Pilgrim’s Almanac, American “breakfast cereals have undergone a kind of Lent, a reformation” as cereal companies have removed loads of excess sugars, salts, and preservatives from some of their cereals in an effort to promote healthy eating.  These cereals are now considered natural and a model for our own Lenten work. We are called upon to a time of letting go of a junk-food pattern of living that is based on compromise and following the easy road. Lent asks us to pursue a “sugar-free” path which invites us to a program of daily discipline, especially with the use of electronics, as well as to daily prayer and daily dying to self. May this Lenten time provide a healthy spiritual life for all of us.

By Joyce Iten, OSB