Daily Meditation for February 10, 2021

“I bless God who teaches me, who schools my heart even at night. I am sure God is here, right beside me. I cannot be shaken.” (Psalm 16) Praying this psalm one evening, Sally thought it was a meaningful prayer before falling asleep. How comforting to have God be her teacher as she sleeps and have God right beside her during the night. She shared her experience with a friend, who told her that she practices mindfulness by mindfully breathing, taking short breaks to walk or drink a glass of water, paying attention to what she is actually doing. It clears her mind and helps her to be calm and more productive. Sally, a spiritual woman, was fascinated by this and decided that she could use mind breaks to be in God’s presence. It takes discipline to stop and be mindful but it is so calming and peaceful.

By Georganne Burr, OSB