Daily Meditation for February 9, 2021

By now, the winter darkness is noticeably shorter, and we rejoice in the promise that brighter days are ahead. Although February still holds darkness and cold biting winds, there is hopeful expectation as we move toward more and more daylight. But seasonal darkness is not the only darkness that we deal with. The Black Lives Matter movement reminds us that the darkness of racism is still present. Too many people live in the darkness of homelessness and poverty. Young girls and teenagers trafficked in sex slavery suffer from a darkness of body and spirit that is almost indescribable. The pandemic continues to haunt us. Our nation’s divisions and wounds continue to hold us hostage to a darkness of spirit and energy. Are we willing to be disturbed by the awareness of these situations and the challenges they offer? God, author of Light and Life, enters into the depths of our darkness; show us how to spread Your light to one another and those in special need.

By Eunice Antony, OSB