Daily Meditation for February 5, 2021

Scripture tells us that God’s loving care covers the sparrow and even the hair on our head. That’s surely comforting, and it affirms our faith in a Creator who is ever present in our lives. We may believe that God is ever-present to us, but the question then rises: How present are we to God? Do we truly believe that God has an interest in us, a concern for our welfare? If so, then we must be aware of God as a constant presence, albeit not a shining star or a burning bush. Awareness of God means that we believe in One who relates to us in ways we may not understand or expect—through a sudden inspiration or insight, the beauty of a sunrise, the laugh of a child, and hope in the face of tragedy. Awareness of God’s presence enables us to be fully present to God in a loving relationship.

By Carol Berg, OSB