Daily Meditation for January 13, 2021

What do you consider beautiful? Several authors remind us that beauty is found in the heart; is a light in the heart. O’Donohue says, “In turning away from beauty we turn from all that is wholesome and true.” When you look at something or hear something really beautiful, it can touch you at the very core of your being. Whether it is a scene of natural beauty like a gorgeous sunset, a snow-capped mountain, a flowering meadow, or whether it is a kitten, a child’s smile, an act of kindness, a work of art, a symphony—our opportunities to connect with, and to ponder the beautiful are multitudinous. If beauty is more a matter of the heart than the mind, that would imply love in some form. Please recognize some beauty in your life daily, and you will find it is a gift from God.

By a Sister of Saint Benedict