Daily Meditation for January 11, 2021

The Prophet Isaiah is the author of many of our churches’ readings during the Christmas season. Here is one from Chapter 5 of the Book of Isaiah that tickles the imagination. He says, “The Lord gives a signal to call for a distant nation. He whistles for them to come from the ends of the earth.” Can you visualize God letting go with a mighty two-fingered whistle in the direction of his people? We hear God’s call in many ways: reading about important issues, for instance; hearing a challenging speech, noticing another person in need. Isaiah coaches us on what to do when God whistles us up. “And here they come, swiftly, quickly! None of them grow tired, none of them stumble. They never doze or sleep.” During this new year, let’s think about how to stay alert for the Lord’s signals to us, and how immediately and swiftly we respond.

By a Sister of St Benedict