Daily Meditation for January 8, 2021

It’s a week after Christmas. Jack is sitting on a bench outside an Army tent somewhere in Afghanistan, feeling cold and windblown. He is waiting in line to call home. Anna is cleaning the treatment room after her long shift in a Doctors Without Borders Clinic in Kenya. She can hardly stay awake. Father Bill is alone in his room next to the church, in a small village in Alaska. It is snowing hard, promising not much will happen tomorrow. Crystal has run away from home after a fight with her parents, and she is riding a bus with no particular destination in mind. Fred is hunkered down on a heat grate next to the side entrance of an office building in Minneapolis. Let’s take some time to remember all the people who are separated from home, family, and friends tonight and tomorrow. Pray for them and ask God to visit their hearts with the miracle of warmth and love.

By a Sister of Saint Benedict