Daily Meditation for January 6, 2021

Waiting…Waiting…What does one do while waiting for the Child Jesus? Here are some memories that surfaced during quiet moments after the holidays: Baked sugar cookies and frosted them saying, “Jesus,” “Mary,” “Joseph,” while coaxing sprinkles on each one; decorated the family room with the best of the Christmas decorations from years of accumulation; got out the homemade snowflakes, angels, stars, and bells to hang on the Christmas tree, and when the lights were added, sat in my favorite chair, squinting to see the lights creating haloes for each of the crocheted ornaments; put on favorite Christmas carols, especially “Silent Night,” letting the meaning of the words soak into my skin, giving the anticipation of Jesus bringing peace and love to the earth; shut out the busyness of the world for a bit of time to prepare my heart for something much more meaningful, loving, and beautiful.

By Mary Jane Berger, OSB