Daily Meditation for December 30, 2020

A contemporary theologian recently said, “We are not called to serve merely in order to receive a reward, but rather to imitate God, who made Himself a servant for our love.” Heavy theology? Not really. But the idea of imitating God can be overwhelming when we think of what God can do. But think of what serving others means. It isn’t working miracles. It can be both doing small acts of service and doing big acts. So often we think that serving others is too hard, or we are too old or too young to need to serve. We are never too old or too young to serve. What we need to do is stop and think about how Jesus probably served his mother or his father, how he cared for the people he helped. Not miracles—kind acts that help others or cheer them up on a bad day.

By Stefanie Weisgram, OSB