Daily Meditation for December 29, 2020

This time of year we, in North America, decorate and honor trees. A tree shows us what it means to be stable yet adaptable. A tree sinks deep roots and usually lives in the same place for a life time yet it adapts often. The wind, the sun, moisture or lack of it are withstood as the tree stays rooted in its principles. It produces fruit, shelter and shade, not to mention constantly cleaning our air. Yet, it does not move. It holds its own. When the manufacturer’s label states that three trees are planted for each one that may be destroyed manufacturing their product, we can only hope that is true. If forced to give up its life, an adult tree goes down with a might roar of protest for life is good! The tree lives on through seed or new spouts thus planting new hope, new life, for A NEW YEAR.

By Judy Kramer, OSB