Daily Meditation for December 28, 2020

Our hushed December world sleeps beneath blankets of snow. Naked trees stand at attention in the brisk wind. Winter begins and the earth pulses breathless, balanced between night and day. What shall come of it? Suddenly, heaven descends to earth in swaddled form, and light begins to shimmer and transfix us. It is Christmas! A Child is born whose tiny hands and feet will soon lead us out of the darkness into “pure and endless light;” thus, unbalancing the earth once again. Light will rule and grow until all is bathed in earthy smells and colors and lions lie down with lambs, because a Little Child will lead them. Let the Child lead; love the children because He became one of them. Let the hills sleep beneath the snow and the trees stand in awe and “clap their hands.” Light breaks through our darkness.

By Owen Lindblad, OSB