Daily Meditation for December 25, 2020

A Pioneer Christmas: Newlyweds George and Margretta Kulzer settled in Indianbush in 1854, possessing almost nothing, and had a difficult challenge trying to survive. Here is a look at their first Christmas day. The door on their cabin was just a burlap hanging, and two Indian men came walking in, wandered around touching things, and carefully examined two squash on the shelf. Gretyl was there alone, as George was out working on fences. She almost fainted from fright and had to put her head down. The Indians stayed a long time and finally they took the squash. Then one of them fished around under his blanket, brought out a haunch of venison and put it on the table. Then they left. They turned out to be some of Fr. Pierz’s congregation and had heard him describe the European custom of exchanging gifts at Christmas. So they decided to try this out on the young couple they had noticed. How does this experience remind you of the original Christmas? And imagine what a treat that venison was.               

Story supplied by Linda Kulzer, OSB, from her grand uncle’s memoir.

By Mary Jackle, OSB