Donating Genesis House to Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity

Awareness of God and the Gospel message, hospitality, building community, caring for God’s creation: these are some of the Benedictine values the Sisters of Saint Benedict have been able to live out through giving Genesis House to Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity. We know that God calls us to share with others, to welcome strangers among us, and to care about others and the environment in which they live. In handing over Genesis House to Habitat, we’ll be able to welcome a new family into the St. Joe community, giving them a chance to buy their own home with confidence that it’s a home restored with thought for the environment and for the people who will live there. Thank you to the many people who made this gift possible through their generous support of the sisters’ mission and ministry and thank you, Habitat, for helping us to promote Benedictine values in the world.

Prayer service that was prayed over the house:

Millard Fuller relied on prayer as the founder of Habitat for Humanity. He has a remarkable story of faith and reliance on God. Prayer has always been a part of the mission of Habitat for Humanity. Today we gather in prayer to bless this house, to ask God to protect from harm all those who work on the renovation, and to make it a loving home for a family in need of affordable housing.

This house was built in 1926. The Sisters of Saint Benedict purchased it 1950. It was used for some of the first women lay staff at CSB, as a residence for chaplains and housing for sisters. It was the residence of the Glory of God charismatic prayer group for a few years. Prayer has been a part of this house over the years and the walls hold them to bless all those who may enter.

This house, named Genesis House, now moves to a new genesis; a home for a Habitat Family. We the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict, donate this lot and home to CMHFH. Today we hand over the keys and ask God’s blessing.

(hand over the keys)

Let us pray:

Leader: May these keys unlock the future for a family in need of affordable housing.
All: Lord, we ask your blessing

Leader: For the safety of all who work to renovate this house.
All: Lord, we ask your blessing

Leader: For the family that will buy this home that they will experience community, stability, safety and joy.
All: Lord, we ask your blessing

Leader: For the neighbors to welcome the family with hospitality and friendship.
All: Lord, we ask your blessing

Leader: For the continued success of CMHFH’s mission to provide affordable housing and to build community.
All: Lord, we ask your blessing

(Sprinkle with holy water in all directions—blessing the upstairs, basement and all rooms on first floor!)

O Lord God, your gifts are many and in wisdom you have made all things to give you praise. We ask you to bless this entire house and those who will work and live in it. Visit with your love and gladness all who come and go and keep us all safe and preserve us all in peace through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.