Daily Meditation for November 23, 2020

In these dark days of late fall, economic downturn, pandemic suffering, uncertainty and fear, so often a sense of helplessness creeps in our lives. Our conversations and even our prayers feel the darkness and fear. We plead and ask ourselves, “What can I do? As long as we seek ways to help and methods of support and are caring about others, we will survive. We will be stronger and more compassionate. We know we must be patient, follow the health protection guidelines, and be creative in our searching. Since we are all in this together, it is only together that we can conquer the darkness of the pandemic. You must encourage and protect me, and I have the same duty to protect, care for and encourage you. A poet, Mariah June, put it this way: “I reach out my hands in the utter darkness, waiting to feel yours hold onto mine, and lead me, back into the light.”

By Judy Kramer, OSB