Daily Meditation for November 19, 2020

Gone is the lacy filigree of unfolding leaves that lined the sky of springtime. Gone is the canopy of green leaves that provided a natural ceiling between earth and sky in summer. Gone are the gold, orange and yellow jewel-like leaves which reflected the fall sun at close range. In view are the skeletons of trees that have withdrawn the sap into themselves as they collect a white blanket of snow. Each year, we look at these phenomena of nature with new eyes and wonder at the changes that have occurred. Each year, we ourselves have changed, and as we hunker down for the winter, the memories of the past year may conjure up sadness at the losses we have experienced, gladness at the gains we have made and gratitude for the goodness in life. And we too await a repeat of events that make up our cycle of life, like the trees we’ve watched the past year.

By Mariterese Woida, OSB