Daily Meditation for November 11, 2020

Autumn is third in a cycle of four seasons and seems to be symbolic of aging in life. Sometimes we call it fall, but the words “autumn” and “fall” paint two different mental pictures. Autumn sets the thermostat at warm-cool, and the plant world splashes a riot of color over the earth; some call the colors corduroy in texture. Fall implies crystalline frost, falling leaves, abundant harvests and breathtaking cold, blue-black skies studded with stars. Together these views invite us to come to a feast and dance with the stars. We mirror the seasons in our lives, so how are we doing? Have we harvested the warmth of friendship and love? Has the color of joy found a place in our hearts? Is the view of the future crystal clear with hope? Is our mental picture satisfying? Then it is time to dance with the stars.

By Phyllis Plantenberg, OSB