Daily Meditation for November 5, 2020

Waiting. Waiting. In Psalm 40, it says, “I waited for the Lord, and He stooped down to me…” When I was going to school and waiting for a ride from my sister, I did not know this Psalm text, and we had the best shouting matches in the car when she finally arrived. We both remember them well. Now that I know this psalm, I feel I am better equipped to not only have more patience, but also that I remember I am waiting for the Lord to stoop down to comfort me. However, it does not always happen this way. Just as we are experiencing right now, it is hard to be patient while the vaccine is being developed, while the country decides to wear the masks and everyone keeps a healthy distance. Yet, we can be sure that eventually God will draw us out of this miry pit.

By Mary Jane  Berger, OSB