Daily Meditation for October 28, 2020

Abraham Lincoln once said, “I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.” Lincoln’s words are as relevant today as they were in his moment of history. Signs of crisis and chaos fill many nations of our world. Many Americans believe that our nation is at a breaking point. As Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic, we are experiencing deep fissures in our political, economic and social life. The health and survival of our earth is threatened by catastrophic imbalances.

We have come out of deep national darkness many times in our history. The desire to “make our enemies our friends” is a strong sentiment in many corners of our country. All hope is not lost. We have today—the gift God gives us—we have our faith that teaches, “Love your enemy as yourself and do good to those who hurt you.” Today, we have a fresh chance to change an enemy into a friend.

By Christian Morris, OSB