Daily Meditation for October 22, 2020

Many struggle with the upcoming election and the ways in which candidates and voters spew out anger. Our streets and schools also are becoming unsafe due to violence. Our world can be discouraging and scary! There is no one cause that is at the root of what is happening. Perhaps being suspicious of the rich, the poor, immigrants and the undocumented people, to name a few groups, comes from fear of losing what our own life looks like, which is sometimes understandable. What can we do to calm our fears, suspicions and anger? For starters, pray for peace within ourselves, examining our inner selves to see if we are living our life with Jesus as our guide and friend. Be conscientious about teaching our children Christian values, pray daily as a family for our church and world. Peace and security starts at home. Praying often each day for our country and this election is a must.

By Georganne Burr, OSB