Daily Meditation for October 16, 2020

As the pandemic hangs on, it becomes harder and harder to be positive. We seem to be doing the same old thing day after day. Just hanging on until the pandemic ends is unproductive. So, what to do? We may need to try some of “Notorious RBG’s” ideas. (RBG is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg). She approached thinking about biased court cases by approaching them differently—why not think of bias against women as a bias against both women and men? It meant the path to a better solution/situation for RBG and all women. Since the early ’70s, all women and men have benefitted from the work of RBG. So, what was her strategy? In a nutshell, she chose to look at the cases she studied by changing her initial approach. Thus, instead of considering days of COVID-19 as boring, could we think of them as gifts of time to be home? Positive thinking might lift our spirits.

By Mary Jane Berger, OSB