Daily Meditation for October 14, 2020

When you first heard of  the hole in the ozone layer, did you think was a round hole and something static? Actually it is not round; it is very large and long; and it continues to grow because we keep pumping pollution into the environment. If we are sufficiently concerned and if we get the help of all sorts of professionals—scientists, engineers, environmentalists, computer scientists—we can help heal the ozone layer. One great culprit, however, is the issue of fracking. If oil/gas is extracted from the earth and nothing is put back into those empty veins, the substructure of our earth is threatened. Is that why we have earthquakes? California’s ravishing fires? Tsunamis? Our minds cannot function well unless we believe that everything is connected: the glass of milk I give my child, the grass eaten by the milk cows, the blight on this year’s hosta plants and the multinational corporations which seek profit over people.

By Renée Domeier, OSB