Daily Meditation for October 13, 2020

Summer with its blissful beauty has wrapped itself around our hearts for the past several months. Its lush green lawns, the sights and scents of blooming flowers, bird songs drifting through the trees, and groomed and productive gardens all brought joy to our “pandemic” lives. Now summer looks tired and leaves our earth in the colorful arms of autumn. Our hearts might be frayed at the edges due to the gruesome realities of a pandemic and economic and political chaos. We can, however, choose to let God delight us with nature’s colorful and pristine “state of the art” scenes and sights of autumn. The honking of geese going south, the scent of campfires, the blazing rising of the sun as dawn wakes up to sparkling diamond dew drops on the grass are ways in which autumn runs over with beauty for us to enjoy, savor, and thank the Creator of the cosmos.

By Kathy Rademacher, OSB