Daily Meditation for October 12, 2020

Here is a reference about water from the Jewish tradition. Psalm 23 says of the Good Shepherd: “Beside still waters he will lead me…” This is related to the fact that sheep will not enter moving water. They drink from still water. If they get caught in moving water, their wool will weigh them down. When we pray for the Good Shepherd to lead us to still waters, we are asking for enough stillness not to be dragged into the deep where we cannot find footing. To make good decisions, one needs to step out of the rush of flowing information, and activities, to get our bearings. On the other hand, rushing water is also helpful. The Jewish people recently celebrated New Year, and one custom is to take breadcrumbs and throw them in a river as a symbol of letting go of injuries or whatever sin they wish to be rid of. These are just two examples of wisdom to be gained from another tradition.

By Josue Behnen, OSB