Daily Meditation for October 6, 2020

Freedom is a cherished human value, and rightly so. However, the coronavirus has challenged us with limitations to our freedom, especially freedom of movement and physical closeness. Many of us chafe under these limitations. We find it hard to see any good that might come from them. But limitations are an integral part of being human, and our present experience may help awaken us to that reality. On August 5 of this year, 92-year-old Leon Fleisher died. Fleisher was a leading concert pianist when he suffered an injury to his right hand. Unable to play with both hands but refusing to be daunted, he performed concerts with his left hand only for 30 years. Leon Fleisher’s life shows us that limitations may be catalysts, pushing us to develop gifts that would otherwise have lain dormant. What gifts or skills are the pandemic’s limitations calling forth from you?

By Delores Dufner, OSB