Daily Meditation for October 5, 2020

It may seem odd to pair a whale and John R. Lewis in the same meditation, but like all of creation, the two are joined by a fierce commitment to life. The female orca gave birth to a calf that died soon after birth. She carried her dead baby for 17 days, swimming a thousand miles to her breeding ground. Now, two years later, oceanographers have spotted a newborn calf swimming next to her. They announced with joy, “New life is possible!” And what of John Lewis, the great African-American civil rights activist and congressman, who died recently? On the day of his funeral, the New York Times published his last editorial. He, too, believed that “new life is possible” in the United States, if each of us takes as our “moral obligation, mission, and mandate” to work tirelessly for justice. If we do, he says, we can make this country “a little bit greener, a little bit cleaner, and a little bit more peaceful” for future generations.

By Mara Faulkner, OSB