Daily Meditation for October 2, 2020

I recently read a book on angels. To my astonishment, there is an angel—Jimazen, by name—assigned to protect our Earth. Jimazen, however, can scarcely do his job of protecting the Earth any more since humans are so dramatically devastating our Mother Earth that she can  no longer fulfill her purpose: both serving the living now and  holding it for future generations! To my amazement, Jimazen and I agree that we humans hold the future of this planet in our hands. This earth is a gift from God and has been given to each and every one of  us! It doesn’t belong to oil companies, multinationals or governments. We have been given this planet to live on, love and enjoy for our lifetime, but we have also been given the sacred task of passing it onto future generations. All the money in the world will not be sufficient to restore our planet if we continue as we are. What can awaken us to this dire reality? Will we wake up before it’s too late?

By Renée Domeier, OSB