Daily Meditation for September 29, 2020

Let’s go for a walk! Let’s do it purely for the pleasure of walking. The best fall days are an invitation to spend time outdoors, drinking in the bounty of nature. Like pairing the right wine with the right cheese, the crisp autumn weather pairs perfectly with the rich, deep tints of the autumn foliage. Don’t be afraid to revel in all this beauty; it’s a gift from the Creator and a reminder that, despite all that’s wrong in the world, there is still beauty, and the goodness it symbolizes, all around us. Don’t go for a walk because you want to get somewhere, simply decide to “be” for a space of time in the midst of God’s creation. Give yourself a treat, take a walk! The destination isn’t important; being in the beautiful “now” is what counts. As Gwyn Thomas says, “But the beauty is in the walking–we are betrayed by destinations.”

By Karen Rose, OSB